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Já disponível na Euroboor! Conheça nossa mais recente inovação: VAC.50s+. Esta máquina revolucionária para corte e perfuração anular usa tecnologia de vácuo para aderir em superfícies não magnéticas.

IBP.70 Pasta de corte de aços de alta liga

Pasta de corte de aços de alta liga

Nossa pasta de corte Euroboor IBP.70 é adequada para aços de alta liga, como aço Hardox e trilhos de trem. Esta pasta de corte universal possui uma forte força adesiva e, portanto, é uma solução perfeita para perfurar em locais e posições difíceis de alcançar, inclusive de cabeça para baixo.


Nossas máquinas são equipadas com eletrônicos inovadores e, portanto, não só oferecem mais segurança, mas também proporcionam economia de custos significativa. As máquinas reduzem o risco de danos à máquina, ferramenta e peça de trabalho. Além disso, a máquina protege o usuário em caso de vibrações excessivas ou deslocamento repentino. Além da segurança, a eficiência e, portanto, a continuidade, também é uma característica muito importante de nossas máquinas. A vida útil das máquinas é significativamente mais longa e você evita altos custos de manutenção.

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O que nossos clientes dizem:
“Great Price, great product and great service. It would be hard for anyone else to compete.”
Cody Ramsey - Ram Tool Construction and Supply
"Great products! Euroboor is easy to sell. I encourage you to put it to the test, TOUCH IT TO METAL."
Randy Slane - Clear Control Solutions
"Euroboor makes me the best and biggest seller. Euroboor has Korean's biggest selection. Euroboor is the best choice."
Choi Jaewon - Samick-THK Co. LTD
“Altijd als ik onverwacht langskom krijg ik onmiddellijk goede service en lekkere koffie van de Euroboor mensen. Al jaren blij met de service en de kwaliteit en raad Euroboor ook bij iedereen aan.”
Yvestos Koutsaftis - Yvestos Welding Services
“As far as dealing with your company the products have been great & any problems that have come up your customer service personnel are helpful & quick to get any problem fixed & resolved. As far as service your company has also gone far & beyond to get shipments out in a timely manner & answers to any questions that may come up. I would recommended your products to anyone looking for machines or cutters.”
Donald Baker - Valley Wholesale Inc.
"These people are serious about what they do. The inventory on hand is more extensive than I've seen from any other vendor of this kind that I've dealt with over the years. We occupy a small store 1,000 sq ft that is packed to the ceilings, and even though we are small, and sell a butt load of Euroboor's stuff, the owner Albert Koster, from The Hague, Netherlands has made couple of trips here to thank us for our business when in the USA, as well as being readily available if need be. His staff has always been able to answer any questions that needed asking. Euroboor is a full meal deal! Come get you some!"
R.C. Services
“I have been Distributor for Denmark for almost 6 years. And I´m very satisfied by the products and product development, the latest we have seen from Euroboor is matter of safety, its spot on Euroboor has it everything, good products that is reliable and service. No one in the business of mag drills has such a program like Euroboor this, huge range of machines, cutters, adaptors and cutting fluids. If you want to know more call Euroboor.”
Peter Laursen - Hans Nielsen´s Eftf. ApS
“We are very happy and proud to be the importer / distributor of Euroboor in Brazil. Euroboor is a manufacturer of high-quality magnetic drilling machines and annular drills. At Euroboor they believe it is important to invest continuous in technical innovation, to make your work easier and safer. These innovations are consistently applied in the wide variety of models we sell. This is what makes Euroboor a distinctive brand at the vanguard of magnetic and annular drilling technology worldwide."
Bruno Denarde Nogueira - VIFERRO FERRAMENTAS
"Very impressed with the speed of that last order. We got it next day. Impressive. It's going to be a good relationship. Brilliant service."
Karl Metelko - Every Day Welding Supplies
Escritório Brasil - Euroboor Brasil - Rua Hárpia, 438, Novo Horizonte | 2718 TD | Serra, ES


+55 27 98823 1043


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