The Meizon drill: the success of a good cooperation

Gert Meijers has worked for years on his design for a unique product: the Meizon drill. With the help of Euroboor, this ambitious project has been taken to a higher level. A wonderful collaboration, with an even better result. The Meizon drill is an indispensable machine for both the experienced sewer installer and the less experienced craftsman. Read here how this drill came about! Successful cooperation ensures a unique product.

Dangerous situations for sewer installers

Drilling holes in sewer pipes was done by hand for years. This created dangerous situations. With a hand drill, the work is less precise and dangerous for your hands. It was possible to drill the holes with a combustion engine, but it was not really safe. In the meantime, the combustion engine has been withdrawn from the market for environmental reasons.

Gert only came into contact with this problem when he himself was on the work floor. During a project he had to drill many holes under harsh conditions. After this project he started thinking about a solution to do this in a safe and effective way. The goal was to make work easier for himself. This is how the first idea for the Meizon drill came about.

How did the collaboration come about?

Of course, the drill was not developed within a week. Gert has worked on the prototype for years. In this process he has had to deal with many ups and downs. One of the biggest setbacks has been the production stop on the combustion engine. Gert’s prototype was equipped with a combustion engine at that time. Due to this setback, Gert considered stopping the further development of the machine.

Gert was aware of Euroboor’s application in steel, so he called them and presented the problem. At the time, the experts at Euroboor had one machine with a battery, and that was enough for Gert. Euroboor was immediately enthusiastic about the application and Gert returned to his workshop with their machine. There, the entire machine was disassembled and he added the correct elements to his prototype.

After extensive testing of the battery-powered machine, it was researched whether it was better to have the entire machine made by Euroboor. Because of the efficiency and the pleasant cooperation with Euroboor. For Euroboor, safety is an important goal with all machines. The Meizon drill is a perfect example of a safe solution for the dangerous situations of sewer installers. With the combination of Gert’s design and the facilities that Euroboor has in house, they have entered into a full collaboration.

The collaboration with Euroboor

For Gert it no longer felt like he was ten steps behind. By working together with Euroboor, they flew just twenty steps ahead. During the development sessions Gert got a better feeling about it. Euroboor understood very well where Gert wanted to go and what his wishes were about the final product. Euroboor turned out to be very clever and eventually presented the product to Gert exactly as he imagined it. Euroboor has ensured that the product meets all of Gert’s requirements. This gave the machine a professional appearance. From an assembled prototype to a complete industrial product.

Go to market with the Meizon drill

Partly because of this development, Gert has decided to enter the market with the Meizon drill. He did this by giving the machine to a number of companies. For example, he wanted to test whether the Meizon drill would be a hit with professional sewer installers. Long story short, the men liked the device so much that they kept it.

Never done developing

Technology in the industry never stands still. Just like Gert and Euroboor. The Meizonboor drill is a unique machine that has been specially developed for making an optimal hole in every plastic main sewer. To this day they work together to improve the industrial product. With the aim of publishing a second line that meets the wishes of the user even more.

Curious about how Euroboor can take your product to the next level? Contact us and who knows, a good cooperation may develop!

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