Magnet LED indicator

The control panel on your magnetic drilling machine is designed for maximum ease of use and safety. Here you can find the Magnet LED indicator, which tells you whether the magnetic forsce is sufficient enough to start your drilling job. There are three options:

  • The LED indicator lights up GREEN when generated magnetic force is sufficient.
  • The LED indicator lights up RED when generated magnetic force is insufficient due to:

• Surface not being flat
• Workpiece not being magnetizable (e.g. aluminum)
• Workpiece is coated or painted
• Workpiece is not thick enough


Sufficient magnetic force



Insufficient magnetic force

GYRO-TEC safety

GYRO-TEC safety features a gyroscopic sensor which detects acceleration and displacement in any direction. The GYRO-TEC safety feature engages three seconds after the motor is started. Whenever the machine recognizes a sudden or unwanted movement the motor will be shut down automatically by the machine’s electronics. This safety functionality offers extra protection in various circumstances, such as:


By the motor shutting down automatically, risk of damaging or hurting the machine, tools, workpiece and operator is reduced.

  • Sudden loss of magnetic force while in operation
  • Excessive vibration caused by incorrect drilling procedure, worn-out cutting tools, etc.
  • Sudden displacement of the workpiece to which the magnetic drilling machine is attached

Carbon brushes

The carbon brushes on the magnetic drilling machine are equipped with two protective features. The purpose of both features is to schedule timely service and avoid additional costs by unexpected downtime or unnecessary part replacement.

Carbon brush wear indicator

On top of the motor housing you will find an integrated LED light. Under normal circumstances this light is off. The LED light will start burning red when the carbon brushes are worn to a level where it is advised to replace them.

Automatic shut-off 

When the carbon brushes are actually worn to a level where replacement is needed, the motor will be shut-off automatically. This prevents the armature from being damaged. During automatic shut-off, the integrated LED light is no longer lit.


The self-protection feature is two-fold; it consists of both power surge protection and fluctuation protection, making the machine suitable for use in areas and workplaces where power supply is of less quality.

The machine will shut part of the electronics and the motor down by itself when the machine cannot cope with insufficient or unreliable power supply. This prevents the control unit(s) in the machine from breaking by cause of power supply, and thus unexpected downtime and high repair cost. In such situation the magnet will remain switched on.

Power surge protection

The machine is able to cope with voltage spikes up to 4000V (1-2μs)*.

Power fluctuation protection

The machine is able to cope with voltage and frequency fluctuations ranging from:
110 Volt to 130 Volt – 45 Hz to 65 Hz
220 Volt to 240 Volt – 45 Hz to 65 Hz
When the frequency is too high or too low, so it falls outside of above mentioned range, the motor will not start. If the frequency of the power supply falls outside the range or fluctuates strongly during your drilling job, the motor will be shut off automatically*

*We want to point out that Euroboor is not reliable for any damage caused to the machine due to electrical problems in the workplace. Above mentioned protection is not guaranteed in all cases of voltage and frequency spikes or fluctuations. Euroboor accepts no liability when it come to the power surge protection or power surge fluctuation protection not functioning or functioning poorly.

2-way magnet function

The 2-way magnet function is a protective function, in which the magnetic force is activated for 50% when the magnet is switched on and for 100% when the motor is also switched on. At half the magnetic force, the magnet sticks to the surface enough to hold the machine in position when not in use. This subsequently ensures that the machine uses less energy, generates less heat and therefore lasts longer.

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