Euroboor 25 piece Drill Bit Set HSS-CO

HSS-CO (M35 quality) - 135° split point



This Drill Bit set contains 25 HSS-CO (5%) twist drills with a 135° point angle for drilling in hard materials and high alloy steel. The high performance cutting edge ensures a very high aligned preciseness, particularly when hand-operated with a cordless drilling machine. Due to the reduced cutting forces you need less drilling power which makes your battery last longer! With the split point on our twist drills you get quick and simple precise spot-drilling without pre-centering. Even on ridged areas or materials!

This set is also available in High Speed Steel (HSS-G) with 118° point angle. Check it out now >>

The 40º helix spiral enables a perfect and fast chip removal. It provides a high cutting speed along with increased accuracy. Euroboor DIN 338 twist drills are very universal drill bits with excellent stability. Ideal for general purposes or industrial projects!

Our HSS-CO twist drills (Ø 4 – 13 mm) are now equipped with the new 3-flat shank to provide better grip, optimal power transmission and an excellent clamping in the drill chuck. The 3 flats prevent the drill from spinning or slipping under high torque loads. This is ideal for cordless drills!

  • Sizes Ø 1-13 mm with 0,5 mm increments
  • HSS-Co – Steel-cobalt alloy (5%)
  • Fully ground, not roll-forged, for more stability
  • DIN 338
  • 135° split point
  • 3-flats shank (4mm and up)
  • For hard materials and high alloy steel
  • Compatible with almost every drill chuck
  • Drills also sold per 5 or 10 pieces

25 Piece Drill Bit Set

Technical data

HSS-CO (5%)
DIN 338
135° split point
Compatible with every drill chuck

Set content

Ø 1 mm – TDCO.010

Ø 1.5 mm – TDCO.015

Ø 2 mm – TDCO.020

Ø 2.5 mm – TDCO.025

Ø 3 mm – TDCO.030

Ø 3.5 mm – TDCO.035

Ø 4 mm – TDCO.040

Ø 4.5 mm – TDCO.045

Ø 5 mm – TDCO.050

Ø 5.5 mm – TDCO.055

Ø 6 mm – TDCO.060

Ø 6.5 mm – TDCO.065

Ø 7 mm – TDCO.070

Ø 7.5 mm – TDCO.075

Ø 8 mm – TDCO.080

Ø 8.5 mm – TDCO.085

Ø 9 mm – TDCO.090

Ø 9.5 mm – TDCO.095

Ø 10 mm – TDCO.100

Ø 10.5 mm – TDCO.105

Ø 11 mm – TDCO.110

Ø 11.5 mm – TDCO.115

Ø 12 mm – TDCO.120

Ø 12.5 mm – TDCO.125

Ø 13 mm – TDCO.130


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Euroboor 25 piece Drill Bit Set HSS-CO

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