Euroboor ADG.2A / ADG.2S Set

Air die grinders, including a 10 pieces rotary burrs set

20.000 rpm / 6.3 bar

20.000 rpm / 6.3 bar

Our air die grinders (angle and straight) operate on air and are therefore the perfect solution for grinding tasks where the use of electric power tools is out of the question, such as the offshore, mining, oil and gas industries. The ADG.2A (angle) and ADG.2S (straight) are perfect for grinding, polishing, deburring and smoothing sharp edges. Both air die grinders are engineered to make your job easier, safer and more efficient.

This machine features

  • Excellent for grinding, polishing, deburring and smoothing sharp edges
  • Four-speed rear regulator
  • 360 degrees adjustable exhaust deflector
  • Safety lever trigger

Technical data

Technical dataADG.2AADG.2S
Weight0,53 kg1.16 lbs0,67 kg1.47 lbs
Free speed20.000 rpm20.000 rpm
Air inlet (PT)1/4"1/4"
Air hose (ID)3/8"3/8"
Avg. air consumption0,113 m³/min (4 SCFM)4 SCFM (0,113 m³/min)0,142 m³/min (5 SCFM)5 SCFM (0,142 m³/min)
Working pressure6,3 bar (90 psi)90 psi (6.3 bar)6,3 bar (90 psi)90 psi (6.3 bar)
Length193 mm7 5/8"193 mm7 5/8"
Height70 mm2 3/4"70 mm2 3/4"

Sold as

Luxury case including rotary burrs set - ADG.2A-SET or ADG.2S-SET

The set contains:

- Standard 6 mm (1/4") and 3 mm (1/8") collet

- Type B - RB.B0606

- Type B - RB.B1206

- Type C - RB.C0606

- Type C - RB.C1206

- Type D - RB.D0606

- Type D - RB.D1206

- Type F - RB.F0606

- Type F - RB.F1206

- Type G - RB.G0606

- Type G - RB.G1206


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Euroboor ADG.2A / ADG.2S Set

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