Euroboor IBO.50

Non-ferrous metals cutting oil

1 l & 5 l

33,8 oz & 169,1 oz

Our IBO.50 cutting oil is particularly suitable for the use with non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper and zinc. The Euroboor IBO.50 cutting oil has excellent lubricating possibilities and is highly effective in preventing discoloration and deformation of the work piece as well as enhancing drilling and cutting performance.

Technical data

Material applicationOptimal 🔴 Good ⭕ Possible ⚫
Plastics GRP/CRP
Brass, Copper, Tin🔴
Grey cast iron
Steel <500N
Steel < 750N
Steel < 900N
Steel < 1100N
Steel < 1400N
Stainless steel < 900N
Stainless steel > 900N
Aluminium <10% Si🔴
Aluminium >10% Si🔴
Exotic materials*
* Inconnell, Nimonic, Hardox and Hastelloy-

Available as

1L / 33,8 oz - IBO.5001

5L / 169,1 oz - IBO.5050


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Euroboor IBO.50

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Metric / ImperialImperial, Metric    
Cutting lubricantsCutting oil    
MaterialAluminium, Brass, Copper, Tin, Steel    
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Phone: +31 (0)79-3614990

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