Euroboor Lifting Magnets

125 kg – 2000 kg

Industrial magnets

Industrial magnets

Move your heavy work piece easily and quickly without damage with the Euroboor lifting tools. Our lifting equipment is suitable for flat and tubular objects with either rough or finished surfaces. Euroboor lifting tools are designed to withstand at least three times the recommended workload and each lifting magnet is individually tested and delivered with a specific certificate as proof of safety. Our lifting tools provide reliable and consistent performance, also under extreme conditions.

Technical data

Dimension (l x w x h)93 x 60 x 120 mm152 x 100 x 180 mm246 x 120 x 180 mm306 x 146 x 236 mm478 x 165 x 273 mm
Ø of eye100 mm160 mm160 mm200 mm200 mm
Weight2,6 kg10,0 kg19,0 kg38,0 kg85,0 kg
Tested lifting capacity400 kg800 kg1600 kg3200 kg6200 kg
Workload Limit flat material125 kg250 kg500 kg1000 kg2000 kg
Workload limit round material50 kg125 kg250 kg500 kg1000 kg
Ø min/max 50/100 mm60/200 mm65/270 mm100/300 mm125/350 mm
Max working temp. 80 °C80 °C80 °C80 °C80 °C

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