Euroboor HSS Annular Cutter – 100 mm

Drill depth 100 mm

DIA Ø 18 – 50 mm

DIA Ø 18 – 50 mm

High Speed Steel Annular Cutters with a drill depth of 100 mm feature unique teeth geometry, provide clear cutting, fast feed rate, less vibration, smooth hole surface and long tool life. These HSS annular cutters – 100 mm can be widely used in drilling steel, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic, in either plate or pipe form. HSS Euroboor annular cutters feature teeth geometry which is optimized for use on single layer metal work pieces, ensuring the fastest and best drill performance. The rest material created with the use of these annular cutters is the signature Euroboor slug. The rim on this slug is exactly what prevents our HSS annular cutters – 100 mm from penetrating the second layer of material.

HSS Annular Cutter – 100 mm

Technical data

mmWeldonShankBest use with pilot pin
Ø 18HCX.18019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 19HCX.19019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 20HCX.20019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 21HCX.21019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 22HCX.22019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 23HCX.23019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 24 HCX.24019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 25HCX.25019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 26HCX.26019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 27HCX.27019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 28HCX.28019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 29HCX.29019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 30HCX.30019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 31HCX.31019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 32HCX.32019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 33HCX.33019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 34HCX.34019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 35HCX.35019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 36HCX.36019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 37HCX.37019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 38HCX.38019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 39HCX.39019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 40HCX.40019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 41HCX.41019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 42HCX.42019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 43HCX.43019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 44HCX.44019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 45HCX.45019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 46HCX.46019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 47HCX.47019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 48HCX.48019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 49HCX.49019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Ø 50HCX.50019,05 mm (3/4")IBC.K50
Our entire cutter range is available in various specifications
that can be customized as per your requirements.
Ø 51 until Ø 100 - Available on request



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Euroboor HSS Annular Cutter – 100 mm

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Metric / ImperialMetric    
Cutter typeHigh Speed Steel    
Material appliancePlastics GRP/CRP, Steel < 500N, Steel < 750N    
Weldon or Nitto/WeldonWeldon    
Drill depth (mm)100    
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Phone: +31 (0)79-3614990


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