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The Meizon drill: the success of a good cooperation

Gert Meijers has worked for years on his design for a unique product: the Meizon drill. With the help of Euroboor, this ambitious project has been taken to a higher level. A wonderful collaboration, with an even better result. The Meizon drill is an indispensable machine for both the experienced sewer installer and the less experienced craftsman. Read here how this drill came about! Successful cooperation ensures a unique product.

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New magnetic drilling machines offer more protection and safety

Euroboor develops and provides premium and innovative portable drilling and cutting solutions. Their newest line of magnetic drilling machines benefits from smart and intuitive electronics, which will extend the lifespan of the machines and reduce the maintenance costs to a minimum.

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Press Release – The Euroboor Armature Kit

Euroboor extends the continuity of your magnetic drilling machine

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The latest and greatest in machinery, equipment, products, services and more in the agricultural, mining and industrial sectors – all under one roof. You can’t afford to miss it! EUROBOOR MEEBS, Sharjah wil be representing us with our full portfolio.

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Got a big task at hand? We have got you covered

Do you need a magnetic drilling machine which is able to tackle big diameter drilling tasks with ease? We would like to introduce the ECO.80/4 and ECO.100/4 (D). Our Euroboor ECO.80/4 can drill holes up to ø 80 mm and our ECO.100/4 (D) can drill holes up to ø 100 mm. The big boys of Euroboor are the right solution for all heavy drilling tasks!

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Press Release – New Euroboor Beveling Machines

Euroboor B60 and B60S beveling machines. Powerful, with an unique bevel depth of 24 mm.

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Press Release – ECO.60S Magnetic Drilling Machine

More accurate and efficient drilling with the Euroboor ECO.60S magnetic drilling machine.

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