Machine taps – Blind holes

Green and white ring

M3 x 0,5 – M30 x 3,5

M3 x 0,5 – M30 x 3,5

Machine taps - Blind holes

Technical data

SizeSpecificationGreen RingWhite Ring
M3 x 0,5DIN 371910.031C910.031V
M4 x 0,7DIN 371910.041C910.041V
M5 x 0,8DIN 371910.051C910.051V
M6 x 1,0DIN 371910.061C910.061V
M8 x 1,25DIN 371910.081C910.081V
M10 x 1,5DIN 371910.101C910.101V
M10 x 1,5DIN 376900.101C900.101V
M12 x 1,75DIN 376900.121C900.121V
M14 x 2,0DIN 376900.141C900.141V
M16 x 2,0DIN 376900.161C900.161V
M18 x 2,5DIN 376900.181C900.181V
M20 x 2,5DIN 376900.201C900.201V
M22 x 2,5DIN 376900.221C900.221V
M24 x 3,0DIN 376900.241C900.241V
M27 x 3,0DIN 376900.271C900.271V
M30 x 3,5DIN 376900.301C900.301V

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Machine taps – Blind holes

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