Euroboor Torque Limiting Tapping Chuck MT 3

ETC.3 tapping chuck

M14 up to M30 (DIN376)

1/2" up to 1 3/16" (DIN376)

Specifically designed for use in combination with portable magnetic drilling machines.

Suitable for Euroboor magnetic drilling machines:



Quick and precise installation of taps

Increased operation accuracy

Drastically reduced risk of broken taps and destroyed threads


Technical data

Machine tap sizes M14 up to M30 (DIN376)1/2" up to 1 3/16" (DIN376)


Slip clutch torque limiter

Clear torque limiter adjustment scale

Full instruction manual including:

- Installation and mounting guide

- Torque setting guide

- Tapping speed guide

- m/min (ft/min) to rpm calculation

- Cutting fluid recommendation

- Maintenance guide

Full “all parts” servicing possibility

Complete delivery including:

- 2 different rubber centration collets

- All tools required for installation and adjustment


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Euroboor Torque Limiting Tapping Chuck MT 3

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