Euroboor saw blade 355 mm 80T

80 teeth for general steel applications

Art. Nr.: 130.355/80

Art. Nr.: 130.355/80

Sawblade excellent for cutting all sorts of general steels. This saw blade can be used with the EDC.355 and EDC.135.

This 80 tooth sawblade is suitable to cut mild steel and aluminium like deformed steel bars, thin-wall tubes and pipes and U-steel. Due to the Tungsten Carbide cutting edges, the sawblade is stronger and faster than abrasive sawblades. The Euroboor 355mm 80 tooth sawblade creates smoother finishes and is more durable than 66-T sawblades. The Euroboor 355mm 80 tooth sawblade for cutting mild steel is compatible with the EDC.355 and EDC.135.

Technical data

Saw bladeØ 355 mmØ 14"
Bore25.4 mm1"
Kerf2.4 mm1/16"
Teeth number80T80T
Steel body materialSK5 (JIS G4401)SK5 (JIS G4401)
Body thickness2 mm1/16"
Cutter head materialTCT (Sumitomo AP02.C4)TCT (Sumitomo AP02.C4)
Cutting capacity6 mm (mild steel plate)1/4" (mild steel plate)
Max. speed2,200 rpm2,200 rpm

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Euroboor saw blade 355 mm 80T

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