Euroboor ECO.100S+/CT

Magnetic drilling machine

The Euroboor ECO.100S+/CT magnetic core drilling machine cuts holes up to ø 100 mm and is particularly suitable for tapping. The Cross Table gives you the advantage of having a magnetic drilling machine which can be positioned with high accuracy over a range of 110 mm (x-axis) and 120 mm (y-axis) after the magnet is already attached to the surface. Due to dynamic positioning during the drilling procedure, this machine can also be used for mild milling. The milling feature gives you the advantage of being able to create slots. Therefore, you can work on even more complex workpieces with one machine. It has an extremely powerful 1,900 W motor with an oil-lubricated four-speed gearbox and innovative electronics which offer more safety.


Key Characteristics

  • Cross Table base to give dynamic positioning during drilling procedure over a range of 110 mm (x-axis) and 120 mm (y-axis)
  • Milling feature to create slots and work on complex workpieces
  • Switch to Tapping to create perfectly centered threads, while machine stays fixed on workpiece
  • Strong dual coil CNC machined 2-way magnet, causing the machine to use less energy, generate less heat and therefore lasts longer
  • Advanced safety features to reduce the risks of damaging the machine, tools, workpiece, armature, control unit(s) or hurting the operator
  • Morse Taper 3 spindle with integrated tool cooling and lubrication
  • Suitable for use in areas and workplaces where power supply is of less quality
  • Timely service notification to avoid additional costs of unexpected downtime or unnecessary part replacement

Our ECO.100S+/CT in action:

Key characteristics

Cross table with position range of 110mm (x-axis) and 120mm (y-axis)

Milling feature

Tapping feature

Morse Taper 3 spindle

Advanced safety features

Carbon brush protection:

Carbon brush wear indictor

Automatic shut-off

Morse Taper 3 spindle with integrated tool cooling and lubrication

Right/left rotating and electronic speed adjustment

Overheat protection

Torque control on motor house


Power surge protection

Power fluctuation protection

Strong dual coil CNC machined 2-way magnet

Magnet LED Indicator

Double your warranty period

Make sure to fill in our register form as soon as you can and double the warranty period on your machine(s).

This applies on all Euroboor Magnetic Drilling Machines and beveling machines.

  • Double warranty period
  • Registrated repair history
  • Fast and professional service
  • Up-to-date product information
  • Get information about special offers


Technical data

Annular cuttingØ 12 - 100 mmØ 7/16" - 4"
Twist drillingØ 1 - 31,75 mmØ 1/16" - 1 1/4"
CountersinkingØ 10 - 105 mmØ 3/8" - 4 1/8"
TappingM3 - M30Ø 1/8” - 1 3/16”
Length497 mm19 9/16"
Width375 mm14 3 /4"
Height615 - 793 mm24 3/16" - 31 1/4"
Stroke260 mm10 1/4"
Travel distanceX-axis 110 mm
Y-axis 120 mm
X-axis 4 5/16"
Y-axis 4 3/4"
Weight55 kg121 lbs
Magnet (l x w x h) 220 x 220 x 64 mm8 11/16" x 8 11/16" x 2 1/2"
Magnetic force 4300 kg9,700 lbs
Motor power1,900 W17. 3 A
Total power2,200 W18.6 A
Speed (no load) (I) 42 - 110 rpm
(II) 65 - 190 rpm
(III) 140 - 400 rpm
(IV) 220 - 620 rpm
Speed (load 1900 W) Speed (load 17.3 A)(I) 42 rpm
(II) 65 rpm
(III) 140 rpm
(IV) 220 rpm
Spindle (Weldon)MT3 31.75 mmMT3 1 1/4"
Voltage220 - 240 V / 50 - 60 Hz

Case content

1 x ECO.100S+/TD Magnetic drilling machine

1 x safety guard

3 x handles

1 x hex key 2.5 mm

1 x hex key 4 mm

1 x hex key 5 mm

1 x lubrication system

1 x safety chain

1 x bottle (200 ml) of IBO.10 cutting oil

1 x arbor MT3 – 19,05 Weldon (3/4"), including lubrication ring (IMC.30/19-N)

1 x morse taper ejector drift key

1 x user manual

1 x safety ear protection

1 x safety goggles

1 x safety gloves


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Euroboor ECO.100S+/CT

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