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In the beginning (1942)
Matus 75 year history dates back to 1942 when brothers Lukie and Sam Matus started a hardware and tool business. Little did they know that 75 years later Matus would be the number one trusted tool and hardware partner in the industry. Serving the industrial, construction and engineering, agricultural, retail DIY and mining sectors. Matus is a story of building. Building trust, building customers, building suppliers and building its people for 75 years.

National service offering (1970)
Matus continuously strives to remain relevant in the industry by letting its brand work hard for customers and suppliers. The 80s saw Matus and Tarry Tools merge making Matus a dedicated wholesaler. During this period Matus opened its first branch in Cape Town with Durban and  and Port Elizabeth opening in the 90s. This completed its national service offering covering the length and breadth of South Africa.

MTS pioneers private label tool brands (1990s)
Matus would go on to launch the trusted MTS brand. The history books will recognise MTS for being one of the first private label tool brands in South Africa offering exceptional value across a multitude of ranges. Over the years the MTS range would grow to include MTS Home, MTS Storage, MTS Electrical, MTS Tools and MTS Décor.

Brandcorp acquires Matus (1998)
Matus’ persistent growth was recognised by Brandcorp who in 1998 acquired Matus. Matus would become the flagship business for the brandcorp industrial group.

New brands launched (2000s)
The new millennium saw the launch of its house brands MatWeld, MatSafe, MatPro, MatAir and Mobi-Jack. Always looking for smarter ways to work Matus was instrumental in piloting Rapid Trade, an online ordering platform. Today Rapid Trade serves all major tool wholesaler. Matus today is the exclusive distributor of popular brands Hitachi, Groz, Kendo, Fox, Stahwillee, Skyes-Pickavant, Freemands and Fascor.

Bidvest acquires brandcorp (2016)
2016 was yet another big year for Matus. Bidvest acquired Brandcorp making Matus a proudly Bidvest company. Being part of the Bidvest family opens new and bigger opportunities for Matus to further build its customers, its suppliers and its people. Taking Matus back to where it all started in 1942. Matus is well placed to hammer it for the next 75 years!



Matus wants to build mutually beneficial partnerships with both customers and suppliers. That is why we work closely together with Euroboor, a professional manufacturer we can rely on and so can you!

Euroboor provides premium and innovative portable drilling and cutting solutions. It is a hardworking brand on which we are more than proud to have in our portfolio.





Johannesbrug (HO) - Euroboor B.V. - 11-23 Andrea Road | Reuven Estate | Johannesbrug


+27 (11) 681 9100


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