Euroboor TCT 10 piece Cutter Set – 2″

DoC 2"



Our TCT.KIT/10L-I1 & TCT.KIT/10L-I2 contain Tungsten Carbide Tipped (SANDVIK) Annular Cutters. Euroboor TCT cutters are equipped with a spiral flute which creates optimum chip removal and makes seizure next to impossible. Our TCT cutters are equipped with high precision Weldon shanks*. The TCT.KIT/10L-I1 & TCT.KIT/10L-I2 are 10 piece TCT cutter sets with DoC 2″. Both sets come with two pilot pins. Besides TCT cutter sets with imperial sizes, we also over TCT cutter sets with metric sizes. And both ten and six piece TCT cutter sets.


*On request we also provide our sets with double shank design (Nitto/Weldon).



TCT 10 piece cutter set – 2"

Technical data

TCT.KIT/10L-I1DoC 2"10 piece annular cutter setCutter sizes 2x Ø 9/16", 2x Ø 11/16", 2x Ø 13/16", 2x Ø 7/8", 1x Ø 15/16", 1x Ø 1"Pilot pin IBC.90 & IBC.80
TCT.KIT/10L-I2DoC 2"10 piece annular cutter setCutter sizes 3x Ø 9/16", 3x Ø 13/16", 3x Ø 7/8", 1x Ø 15/16"Pilot pin IBC.90 & IBC.80

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TCT.KIT_10L-I1 - Euroboor TCT Annular Cutter Sets - Carbide Drill Bit Set

Euroboor TCT 10 piece Cutter Set – 2″

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